Last Updated On: 08/01/2015


The purpose of these Guidelines is to indicate the principles upon which competitions will be conducted and the rules which must be observed by a promoter for conducting competitions.

These guidelines have been drawn up in the interest of both the promoter and the competitor and to ensure that the architectural competitions are properly conducted and that selection of the design will be on merit alone and will satisfy the promoter's requirements.

The Code of Professional Conduct of the Council of Architecture does not allow Architects to give unpaid services in competition with each other and competitive designs shall only be submitted through competition organised within the framework of these guidelines.



Participation in any and all competitions shall be open to:

  1. Architects i.e those who are registered with the Council of Architecture under the Architects Act, 1972 on the date of announcement of the competition and thereafter.

  2. Firms in which all the partners shall be registered with the Council of Architecture under the Architects Act, 1972 on the date of announcement of the competition and thereafter.1

  3. Students of a Teaching Institution, the qualifying examination of which is recognised by the Council of Architecture provided that no member of the staff of the said institution is the sole Assessor or in a jury of three or more Assessors, only one Assessor is from the staff of the said institution.

  4. Neither the Promoter of the competition, Assessor/s engaged for the competition nor any of their associate, partner or employee shall compete, assist a competitor or act as an architect or joint architect for the competition project.

Competitor may be requested to submit a proof of qualification, copy of his valid Registration certificate issued by the Council of Architecture, and in case of a student, a certificate from the head of his institution which is qualified as per 3 above.

ARTICLE 2 :Competition

  1. The word 'Competition' shall apply to any competition described in Schedule 1 and participation shall be open only to those qualified as per Article 1.

  2. The draft competition conditions including time table, registration fees, prize monies/honoraria, board of assessors, the programme etc. of competitions shall have been finalised within the framework of the guidelines prescribed by the Council of Architecture before any announcement is made by the promoter of the competition.

  3. The conditions of the competitions shall clearly give:
    Conditions based upon guidelines prescribed by the Council of Architecture.
    Type of Competition.
    Purpose of the competition and intentions of the promoter.
    Nature of the problem to be solved.
    All practical and mandatory requirements to be met by the competitors.
    Number, nature, scale and dimensions of the documents, plan and/or models.
    Estimates if required in standard form issued with the conditions.
    Nature of prizes.
    Names of Assessors.
    Necessary information required for conducting the competition.

  4. The competition shall be conducted in English.

  5. All competition designs shall be submitted anonymously.


The Board of Assessors shall at all times include Architects who are registered with the Council of Architecture and shall be in a majority of atleast one.

ARTICLE 4 : Prizes, Honoraria & Mentions :

No competition shall be conducted without adequate premium/honoraria and the competition conditions and the media announcements must state the amounts and number of prizes for the open competition and the amount of premium or honorarium to each competitor in a limited competition and in the second stage of a two stage competition.

ARTICLE 5 : Copyright & Right of ownership :

  • Each competitor shall retain Copyright in his own competition design.

  • Each competitor shall retain the right of reproduction of his own competition design.

All competition designs including those disqualified by the Board of Assessors shall be exhibited for atleast one week, together with a copy of the signed report of the Board of Assessors. The exhibition shall be open to public free of charge.