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Ph.D. Guidelines

Last Updated On: 10-12-2023

The following guidelines are meant to supplement the general regulations operative in various universities in respect of Ph.D. programme and serve as a ready reference for architectural institutions intending to start Ph.D. programme in architecture.

Institutional Eligibility:

  • An institution may be permitted to offer Ph.D. programme in architecture only after having run Master’s Degree Programme in architecture/allied specializations for at least five years.

  • The institution shall have at least five full time members on its staff, having master’s degree and one or more with Ph.D. qualification in architecture/allied specialization.

The Library and other infrastructure facilities:

  • The library should have at least the number of books and journals prescribed as minimum essential by the Council of Architecture.

  • The institution should have the facility of ‘Broad Band Internet’ available freely to research scholars.

  • 25% of Library Budget has to be reserved for research oriented books and journals.

  • The institutional library should be associated with other large libraries in the city and/or university as part of a “Library Network”.

Eligibility of Candidates:

The applicant for admission to Ph.D. programme shall possess the following qualification.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture or equivalent and Master’s degree in architecture/allied specialization or equivalent from any recognized institution.

  • Bachelors Degree in architecture or equivalent in first class with ten years experience in teaching/research/professional practice.

Course Work:

All the candidates shall successfully complete a ‘Research Methodology’ course and one optional course prescribed for the programme or any two courses specified and recommended by the institutional Research Committee. A candidate having only a B.Arch. Degree shall, in addition, be required to pursue the course work successfully in six subjects of the Master’s Degree courses of the School recommended by the Research Committee.

Advisors/Guides Co-Guides/Supervisors:

The following may act as Advisors/Guides Co-Guides/Supervisors of a candidate for Ph.D.

  1. Professors in Schools of Architecture.

  2. Architects and Faculty members having a Ph.D. qualification in architecture and three years experience in teaching/research/practice.

  3. Such other members of the faculty who guided research at P.G. level for 10 years.

  4. Co-Guide should be from the profession of architecture.

An advisor may not normally guide more than five doctoral candidates at a time. In exceptional cases special permission of the Institutional/Departmental Research Committee or Committee for Doctoral Programme may be sought.

Doctoral Committee should have professionals who have done significant work in architectural profession.

Assignment of Teaching Load:

Each full time Ph.D. scholar receiving Govt./University/Institutional assistantship may be assigned at least four hours of teaching load in consultation with his/her respective internal guide, during the period of his/her residence at the institute.

Submission of Thesis:

On completion of the Ph.D. thesis, the candidate, apart from submitting necessary number of copies in the prescribed format as per the regulation/guideline of the respective university, must also submit a hard copy to the Council of Architecture and a CD, within three months of declaration of result of the thesis examination.