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Schedule 2

Last Updated On: 10-12-2023



Where appropriate and necessary the promoter shall in consultation with the Senior Architect Assessor/Board of Assessors appoint one or more technical advisers to assist in the preparation of the brief for the competition project and to advise the Board of Assessors, only when called upon to do so, on the competition design entries.

The advise of the technical adviser will be limited to his expertise and he will have no voting rights.


For a two stage competition a Professional Adviser who shall be an Architect registered with the Council of Architecture may be appointed. He will not be connected with the Board of Assessors or attend any of its meetings.

It will be the responsibility of the Professional Adviser to maintain the anonymity of each competitor and those selected for the second stage of the competition.

On completion of the first stage of the competition the sealed envelopes containing the names of the competitors shall be opened only by the Promoter or Professional Adviser if appointed and he shall without disclosing any of the names to anyone inform each competitor individually whether he has or has not been invited for the second stage. All the envelopes shall then be resealed by the Professional Adviser/Promoter till the final award.

If after the first stage, the Board of Assessors wish to clarify or amplify any aspect of the competition project, such clarification or amplification shall be conveyed to the competitors selected for the second stage only by the Professional Adviser/Promoter.