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Schedule 4

Last Updated On: 10-12-2023
  1. The Board of Assessors shall be set up before the promotion of the competition. Their names and those of the reserve members of the board, if any shall be stated in the competition conditions.

  2. The Board of Assessors shall be composed of a smallest reasonable number of assessors which number shall be an odd figure.

  3. The size of the Board shall depend upon the size of the competition project and preferably the number of Assessors shall not exceed seven.

  4. Of the total number of Assessors the number of Assessors who shall be Architects and registered with the Council of Architecture shall be in a majority of at least one.

  5. The number of Assessors representing the promoters shall not exceed two.

  6. Each member of the Board shall examine and approve the competition conditions before they are made available to the competitors.

  7. The Board of Assessors may invite Technical Advisers as experts in specialised fields to assist in the assessment of competition entries. Such Technical Advisors shall not have any voting rights.

  8. It is essential that atleast 2/3rd of the voting members of the Board shall be present at all meetings of the Board. The Board shall elect a Chairman from among its members.

  9. In the event of death of an Assessor before or during the assessment of the competition or his inability to continue to act on account of illness or any other cause, another Assessor shall be appointed in his place by the promoters without affecting the majority of atleast one, of the Assessors who are Architects and registered with the Council of Architecture.

  10. No promoter of the competition and no assessors engaged upon it nor any partner, associate, or employee of either shall compete or assist a competitor, or act as architect or joint architect for the project.

    This regulation shall not be applicable to:

    1. Staff or present students of an Institution of which a member of the regular teaching staff is on the Board of Assessors provided he is not the sole Assessor and the Board consists of two or more Assessors of whom only one is a member of the teaching staff of this or any other Institution.

    2. Employees of a Government, Semi-Government or a Public Sector organisation of which one of its employees is on the Board of Assessors provided he is not the sole Assessor and the Board consists of three or more Assessors of whom only one is such an employee.

  11. In two stage competitions, the same members of the Board shall judge both stages of the competition. In no case may a competition as a single stage competition proceed to a second stage except with knowledge of the Council of Architecture and arrangement for payment of appropriate honoraria to the competitors involved, over and above the prize money provided for in the original competition. In the event of such a secondary competition taking place, the Assessors appointed for the original competition must be reappointed by the promoters.

  12. Any drawings, photographs, models or other documents not required by the competition condition shall be excluded by the Assessors before examining the competitors' entries.

  13. The Assessors shall disqualify any design which does not conform to any of the conditions, instructions or requirements of the competition.

  14. The Board of Assessors must make an award. The award shall be final and shall be made public in open competitions, and intimated individually to all those participating in limited competition, by a date stated in the conditions. The Board of Assessors when distributing the award money shall make full use of the amounts set aside for prizes in the competition conditions. In an ideas competition, a first prize shall be awarded.

  15. The decision of the Board of Assessors shall be taken by a majority vote with a separate vote on each entry. The award including the Assessors report to the promoter, shall be signed by all the members of the Board before they disperse.

  16. The decision of the Board of Assessors regarding selection and placement of competition design shall be final and binding on the promoter and all competitors and shall be reached by a majority.

  17. The Board of Assessors will make its award known to the promoter in a formal statement signed by atleast a simple majority of its members. The statement will indicate the number of designs examined and the order of the prizes awarded. This statement must be completed before the envelopes are opened and the Assessors disperse.

  18. The fees, travel expenses and out of pocket expenses of the members of the Board shall be paid by the promoter.