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Institutional Consultancy Practice Chapter

Last Updated On: 14-07-2024
  1. The institutional consultancy practice may be undertaken through a Consultancy Cell established in the institution.

  2. The Institutional Consultancy Cell may manage its affairs through a committee of faculty members and the authorities of the institution, duly authorised to initiate and conclude negotiations for jobs and other details like nature of job, fees, responsibilities etc.

  3. The Consultancy Cell Committee, may, assign the job to faculty members individually or in groups.

  4. The Consultancy Cell may make use of institution facilities with supporting infrastructure of its own.

  5. The faculty members entrusted with the jobs may appoint a group leader for entering into agreement with clients on behalf of the Consultancy Cell and also to engage specialist consultants, as and when required, and to negotiate the fees thereof with the Consultancy Cell Committee's approval.

  6. The Consultancy Cell shall contribute a portion of the fees not exceeding 10%, to the Research, Development and Staff Welfare Fund: 

  7. Provided further, that another 10% of the fees shall be placed at the disposal of the Consultancy Cell Committee to defray expenditure for its activities. 

  8. The remaining 80% of the fees shall be utilised for expenditure and for payment of honorarium to faculty members.

  9. The faculty members shall submit progress reports to the Consultancy Cell periodically for review.

  10. The Consultancy Cell Committee shall submit reports annually to the authorities of the institution.

  11. The Consultancy Cell shall manage all its receipts and payments.