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Last Updated On: 23-04-2024

The primary commitments of a faculty member are towards the students, teaching/research and other activities of the institution. It is a recognised fact that in the modern fast changing world with techniques of construction, planning/architecture concepts continuously going through a process of re-evaluation and change, the faculty and the institutions have to keep themselves abreast of the latest activities and developments. This can only be achieved with opportunities to the faculty members who involve in professional consultancy practice. Such a consultancy practice has also other advantages like:

  1. The contact with the profession and industry enriches experience and knowledge of the faculty members in the professional spheres that upgrade the level quality of teaching, training and research programmes.

  2. The faculty members have also opportunities for implementing their ideas under actual live conditions.

  3. The contact with live teachers and actual projects would enable the students to perceive properly and relevant to the curriculum.

  4. The students will thereby be trained at a much higher level by technological efficiency and latest techniques and research inputs resulting in their immediate absorption in employment after completion of their studies with greater confidence and the professional challenges.


With this in view it is recommended that the institutions may permit faculty members to engage themselves either in institutional consultancy practice or individual consultancy practice on the following guidelines.