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Last Updated On: 14-07-2024

The Council of Architecture, whilst formulating the Regulations on Minimum Standards for undergraduate architectural education has emphasized that institutions imparting architectural education shall encourage faculty members to involve in professional practice, including research. The concept and practice of Architecture, today, is far different from that of the Twenties and Thirties. The practice now is concerned with the whole activity of designing a Complex, man-made environment, especially in the urban areas. Many new factors,including the advances that science and technology is making, call for immediate attention by the profession. Architectural education will have to be broader and more encompassing, and the faculty and the teaching institutions have to keep themselves abreast of the latest techniques and development.

It is this context that the Council of Architecture has evolved Guidelines for Consultancy Practice by the faculty members of the schools of archtecture. Institutions imparting architectural education must encourage faculty members to be involved in professional practice which would enrich the experience and knowledge of the faculty members and, in turn, upgrade the level/quality of teaching, training and research programmes. The Heads of the institutions must ensure that the faculty members do not, directly or indirectly, compromise their responsibility to the students and that the consultancy practice would not interfere with the faculty member's normal and primary duties to the students and other activities of the institution. The Consultancy practice permitted to the faculty must be consistent with the guidelines.