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Last Updated On: 28-11-2023
  1. The faculty members may be permitted to engage in private consultancy practice without detriment to their normal and primary duties to the students, research/training and other activities of the institution, either individually or in groups or in association with individuals or with established firms on a fee or retainer basis.

  2. The faculty members shall not be entitled for any concession for engaging themselves in private consultancy practice.

  3. The faculty members shall impart to the students the knowledge and experience gained in private consultancy practice and may also impart professional training to the students.

  4. The faculty members shall not be entitled to any non-practising allowance whether engaged in consultancy practice or not.

  5. The faculty members shall engage in consultancy practice at their own risk and the institution shall not be held resposible legally or otherwise arising out of such consultancy practice.

  6. The faculty members may be required to carry out architectural and other related works of the institutions as and when assigned, on payment of fees.

  7. The faculty members shall be required to submit at the end of every financial year, a statement indicating therein the income eamed from private consultancy practice that has been indicated in the income tax return filed and duly certified by a Chartered Accountant.

  8. The funds form the Research, Development and Staff Welfare Fund shall be utilised only for welfare programmes, research and development activities.