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Individual Consultancy Practice

Last Updated On: 14-07-2024
  1. The faculty members shall keep the institution informed of each consultancy project to be undertaken seeking prior approval within a reasonable period of time: Provided, if, in the opinion of the institution, the primary teaching duties of the faculty members are likely to be adversely affected by the quantum and nature of work, the reasons shall be communicated to the faculty members to satisfy the institution before actual engagement.

  2. The faculty members in individual consltancy practice, shall contribute 30% of the net income from such consultancy practice as declared in the income tax return each year, to the Research Development and Staff Welfare Fund or 6% of the gross receipts from such consultancy practice in a given year, duly certified by a Chartered Accountant.
    The net income from individual consultacy practice of faculty members shall not exceed the gross emoluments received annually from the institution in a year.

  3. The faculty members may not use any of the institution facilities provided when institution facilities are made use of by faculty members, they shall be required to pay the institution on the norms laid down by the institution for the facilities used.