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Last Updated On: 14-07-2024


Welcome to COA

Humanity leaves immortal echoes through history using the media of language, art, knowledge, and architecture.

Architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing and constructing buildings and related environments that provides us with the physical space we live in. It gives concrete form to society.

It is a deep expression of human civilization of a particular era, it outlives its creators and endures as monuments, that following generations experience, and strive to study and understand.

Architecture serves thus, as a little time capsule of human history. It reveals to us human thoughts, ideals, even our fears and worries. It reflects our cultures, who we are, where we belong within society, how we understand and interpret Nature, Spiritual and Human Phenomena, how we see the World, and find our place in the cosmos.

Architecture (as described by Encyclopaedia Britannica), the art and technique of designing and building, is distinguished from the skills associated with Construction.

The practice of architecture is employed to fulfil both practical and expressive requirements, and thus, it serves both utilitarian and aesthetic ends.

It is a Profession, the Practice of which means to provide Services in connection with the design of buildings and the related environment / site that have human uses or occupation as their principal purpose.

Let us help strengthen our Council and thus strengthen our profession and ourselves. Council is you and you are the Council.

Together we can bring the difference.