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Last Updated On: 08-12-2023


    Committee is charged with the responsibility to prepare procurement policy for appointment of Architects in Govt. Departments in the present context and to consider the professional documents of the Council, namely, conditions of engagement and scale of charges for Architectural services, urban design, interior design and landscape architecture competition guidelines and Architectís professional liability etc. and suggest appropriate changes.
    Date of Constitution: 207th Meeting held on 12 & 13th November, 2019 Progress of work done: 3rd Meeting of Committee held on 30.05.2020. In the last meeting, the Committee considers the professional documents of the Council, namely, Conditions of Engagement and Scale of Charges for Architectural Services, Urban Design, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture etc. Meetings of the Committee held on 10.02.2020, 02.05.2020 & 30.05.2020.The Committee has submitted its report.