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Polices, Advisories & Guidelines

Last Updated On: 15-06-2024
    S.No. Title Document
    1 COA - Policy for Usage of COA Logo.
    2 COA - Policy for Closure of Architectural Institution.
    3 COA Webinar On National Education Policy 2020
    4 Advisory for Computation of Marks for Institutions
    5 Advisory for Practical Training By B. Arch Students
    6 Advisory on Selection Committee
    7 Advisory to Students for NATA 2021
    8 Public Advisory Against Quacks / Unregistered Persons
    9 Advisory to Institutions on Computation of Marks due to prevalent Covid 19 Pandemic
    10 Advisory on computation of marks of B.Arch. Students
    11 Important Advisory for B.Arch. Students by COA
    12 Advisory - CoronaVirus
    13 Advisory Coronavirus - Architecture Schools
    14 Advisory Coronavirus -Architects
    15 Advertisement in Print & Social Media
    16 COA Perspective Plan for Growth of Architectural Education Amended
    17 Parliament Questions and Replies 1st August 2022
    18 Parliament Questions and Replies 14th March 2022
    19 Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee Report on the Architects (Amendment) Bill, 2010
    20 Parliament Questions and Replies 9th December 2009
    21 Advisory for Gender Parity in the Offices of the Practicing Architects
    22 Advisory to all Architects Concerning Professional Issues
    23 COA Circular on Education Reforms - 09.01.23
    24 Parliament Questions and Replies 31st July 2023
    25 Parliament Questions and Replies 31st July 2023
    26 Parliament Questions and Replies 31st July 2023
    27 Parliament Questions and Replies 31st July 2023