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Executive Committee

Last Updated On: 15-06-2024

    The Council shall constitute from among its member an Executive Committee, and may also constitute other committees for such general or special purposes as the Council deems necessary to carry out its functions under this Act.

    In addition to the powers and duties conferred and imposed on it by this Act, the Executive Committee shall exercise such powers and discharge such duties as may be prescribed by regulations.

    The Executive Committee shall be the executive authority of the Council and shall be responsible for giving effect to the resolution and decision of the Council.

    The Executive Committee shall have powers, such as :

    1. To manage the funds of the Council;
    2. To invest the funds of the Council in the manner directed by the Council from time to time;
    3. To appoint and supervise the work of the members of the staff and prescribe their conditions of service;
    4. To consider the annual audit report and place it before the Council with its comments for its consideration;
    5. To prepare and place before the Council the annual administration report and the statement of accounts;
    6. To authorise the Registrar to incur expenditure within the prescribed limits provided for in the approved budget;
    7. To fix travelling and other allowances to the members of the Council and its Committees and
    8. To the members of the staff;
    9. To delegate to the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman any of its aforementioned powers; and
    10. To do all other functions necessary for discharging the aforesaid functions.


    The Executive Committee shall consist of the President and the Vice-President of the Council who shall be members ex-officio and five other members who shall be elected by the Council from among its members.

    The President and the Vice-President of the Council shall be the Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively of the Executive Committee.

    A member of the Executive Committee shall hold office as such until the expiry of his term as a member of the Council but subject to his being a member of the Council, he shall be eligible for re-election.