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    Steering committee is an Advisory Body that is made up of senior stakeholders or experts that provide guidance on a lot of different issues that could be faced by Council, namely, to document Architectural and Cultural Heritage of India by Schools of Architecture with an intention to strengthen the “COA Students” Award Excellence in Documentation of Architectural Heritage; to identify the heritage of India which is likely to be mapped; to see that students who are documenting the structures be sensitized towards the heritage of India; A regional directory of crafts and art can be created; In Approximately 450 Schools of Architecture in India, each School may be Instructed to document;(i) One Structure representative of the heritage of a region in a given time period, and (ii) One traditional art/craft of their choice preferably in an around their vicinity; To see that a format of documentation may be pre-decided to receive the information in the same format, making it easy to compile and publish for circulation.
    Date of Constitution: 31.01.2020 Progress of work done: First meeting of the Committee was held on 18.03.2020