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COA Social Programmes

Last Updated On: 29-05-2024

The Coucil of Architecture constituted a Sub-Committee to suggest ways and means to use social and interactive medium to engage with the community and create a platform to share and “contribute” for betterment of architectural education and profession and work towards short, medium and long term goal. The Sub-Committee shall act as think tank to help the Council to generate a powerful, influential and

COA's media endeavors with the following terms of reference:

  1. Suggesting ways and means to enhance the communication and interaction between COA and the architectural fraternity through written, audio or visual mediums.
  2. To work to establish an active dialogue with different stakeholders in the profession and academia of Architecture.
  3. To prepare ideological and conceptual basis of the content for social media to make in alignment with the COA and its goals and that all concerned parties are well informed.
  4. To develop content for generating nuanced understanding of current affairs in architects, etc.

The Committee is also responsible to look after the presence of the Council’s activities on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. apart from publication in Newspapers and Council’s website is necessary so as to make the concerned stakeholders aware of the activities and initiatives of the Council from time to time and have their feedback on the same.