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CoA Training & Research Centres

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Introduction to COA-TRC

Council of Architecture Training and Research Centre (erstwhile National Institute of Advanced Studies In architecture-NIASA), the Academic Unit of Council of Architecture, was Instituted in July 2005 as the first Institute of architecture initiated jointly by the Council of Architecture (COA) and the Centre for development Studies & Activities (CDSA). It's a national level institute of Excellence that facilities advanced research in various fields of architecture to the teachers professional and individuals/students of architecture.
COA-TRC is internationally recognized as one of the foremost multidisciplinary Institutions in the field of architecture education, research, training and service. COA-TRC has been a catalyst in disseminating architecture design awareness amongst India building industry, as its graduates are active in every sphere of economic activity in the country.

Activities of COA-TRC

COA-TRC supports architects/academician/students to turn their ideas and concepts into successful competitive thoughts and provides an environment to develop essential management skills and systems that may enable architects/academician/students to grow as business leaders of tomorrow. COA-TRC thus facilitates the provision of Business Incubators for the field of architecture through its establishments, where experts from various different fields perform the function of Mentors for the Startup's incubated.


The Government of India had initiated two major campaigns, namely the Startup India initiative, and the National Mission for Skill Development. Whereas the Startup India initiative aims to boost the entrepreneurship environment in the country and to encourage startups with jobs creation, the National Mission for Skill Development has been developed to create convergence across sectors and State in terms of skill training activities.

Keeping in view these recent initiatives by the Government of India, the Council of Architecture has now decided to open up its academic and research wing through the establishment of Council of Architecture Training and Research Centres (COA-TRC) at five zones in India, with Bhopal as one of its Centre.

The purpose of this COA-TRC is to nurture a culture of entrepreneurship in the creative minds of young Architects and designers, so that their ideas metamorphose into newer the niftier products or services capable of being utilized commercially.