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TRC, Bhopal

Last Updated On: 14-07-2024
    Proposal or Teachers Training Programme from colleges(Offline/ Online)
    S.No. Title Document
    1 Proposal for Teachers Training Programme from colleges View Details
    2 Application Form for Teachers Training Programme View Details
    3 Application Form for Nomination of Faculty Members 2021-2022 View Details
    Future Program
    S.No. Title Date Duration Document
    1 International Conference on Inclusive Resilient and Sustainable Human Settlement 02-05-2024 2nd May to 4th May 2024 View Details
    2 APIC 2024 REFLECTIONS OF FUTURE 23-02-2024 24th February 2024 - 25th February 2024 View Details
    Conducted So Far
    S.No. Title Date Duration Document
    1 Manifesting the utilization of software in architecture 30-10-2023 30th October 2023 to 3rd November 2023 View Details
    2 National Online STTP on Data Visualization Tools for Data Analysis & Decision Making 09-10-2023 9th Oct - 13th Oct 2023 View Details
    3 FDP on Building Energy Performance 25-09-2023 25/09/2023 to 29/09/2023 View Details
    4 National Online STTP on Python for Beginners–Level 1 18-09-2023 18th to 22nd September 2023 View Details
    5 National Online FDP Breaking Barriers Universal Design for Accessibility in the Built Environment 11-09-2023 11th Sept to 15th Sept 2023 View Details
    6 FDP on Sustainable Cities & Communities 21-08-2023 21st August 2023 to 25th August 2023 View Details
    7 National Online Five-Day Teacher Training Programme 14-08-2023 14th Aug 2023 to 18th Aug 2023 View Details
    8 FDP on Urban Ecological Resilience Initiatives for Sustainable Development 31-07-2023 31st July to 4th Aug 2023 View Details
    9 FDP on Learning from the Architecture studio Implications for Project-Based Pedagogy 24-07-2023 24th July to 28th July 2023 View Details
    10 FDP on Integrating Simulation Software for Optimal Building and Urban Built Environment 17-07-2023 17th July to 21st July 2023 View Details
    11 FDP on Current Research and Practices in Architecture and Planning 10-07-2023 10th July to 14th July 2023 View Details
    12 National Online FDP on Disaster Management & Urban Resilience 03-07-2023 3rd July 2023 to 7th July 2023 View Details
    13 FDP on Biocentric Intervention in Architecture and Planning 26-06-2023 26th June to 30th June 2023 View Details
    14 FDP on Decoding pedagogical approach of education, practice, and research in architecture 19-06-2023 19th June to 23rd June 2023 View Details
    15 FDP on Learn to Build Interactive Dashboards to Analyse & Present Data Effectively in Architecture and Planning 12-06-2023 12 June 2023 - 16 June 2023 View Details
    16 National Level Online Training Program on Applications of GIS & Remote Sensing in Architectural Pedagogy 03-06-2023 June 2023 (Every Saturday & Sunday) View Details
    17 National Conference on Multidisciplinary Aspects of Design; Enhancing the Connections_2023 01-06-2023 01st June -03rd June 2023 View Details
    18 FDP on Architecture Urbanism Adapting cities to climate change and Resilience 29-05-2023 29th May to 2nd June 2023 View Details
    19 National Online Workshop on UAV Drone for Urban Feature Delineation An Open-Source Procedure 22-05-2023 22nd May to 26th May 2023 View Details
    20 FDP ON URBAN ENVIRONMENT,SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE 15-05-2023 15th May to 19th May 2023 View Details
    21 National Online Training on Python for Beginners-Level 1 06-05-2023 6th May 2023 to 28th May 2023 View Details
    22 FDP on Methodology & Exploration in Architectural and Planning Research 24-04-2023 24th April - 28th April 2023 View Details
    23 08-Day National Level Training Program on Parametric Tools and Computational Design in Architecture 01-04-2023 01st April - 23rd April 2023 View Details
    24 FDP on RESEARCH WRITING AND PUBLICATION IN ARCHITECTURE 27-03-2023 27th to 31st March 2023 View Details
    25 FDP on Understanding Indian Knowledge Systems in Architecture and Planning 20-03-2023 20th March to 24th March 2023 View Details
    26 Online Training Program on BIM during Weekend 04-03-2023 4th March to 26th March 2023 View Details
    27 Online Workshop on Open Source Framework Delineation of Urban Features from UAV Drone Data 20-02-2023 20th FEB TO 24th FEB 2023 View Details
    28 Sustainable Coastal area Designing, Planning, Protection & Management 13-02-2023 13 Feb 2023 - 17 feb 2023 View Details
    29 FDP on Urban Disasters-Mitigation and Management 06-02-2023 6th to 10th Feb 2023 View Details
    30 FDP on Rethinking Building Byelaws and Planning Regulations 23-01-2023 23rd Jan to 27th Jan 2023 View Details
    31 STTP on Design of Building Services and System 09-01-2023 09th Jan to 13th Jan 2023 View Details
    32 STTP on Indian Livable Cities 02-01-2023 2nd Jan to 6th Jan 2023 View Details
    33 FDP on Building Resilient Urban Communities 26-12-2022 26th December- 30th December 2022 View Details
    34 FDP on Sustainable and Green Built-Environment 12-12-2022 12th December to 16th December 2022 View Details
    35 FDP on Research Paper and Book Chapter writing in Architecture and Planning 05-12-2022 5th December - 9th December 2022 View Details
    37 Effective Teaching Methodology in Architecture 28-11-2022 28th Nov 2022-2nd Dec 2022 View Details
    38 Form for Nomination of Faculty Members 16-11-2022 View Details
    39 Barrier-free design and Universal Design Principles in Architecture and Planning 14-11-2022 14th Nov-18th Nov 2022 View Details
    40 FDP on Emerging Paradigms in Architectural Research A Skill Building Approach 07-11-2022 7th Nov-11th Nov 2022 View Details
    41 Quantitative Methods for Qualitative Research in Built Environment 17-10-2022 17th October to 21st October 2022 View Details
    42 FDP on Vernacular Architecture and Traditional Constructional Practices in Indian Cities 19-09-2022 19th Sept to 23rd Sept 2022 View Details
    43 Five Day Workshop on City is a Living Curriculum 05-09-2022 5th Sept to 9th Sept 2022 View Details
    44 Contemporary Campus Planning and Design in India 29-08-2022 29th August 2022 to 2nd September 2022 View Details
    45 FDP on Building Services 22-08-2022 22nd August 2022- 26th August 2022 View Details
    46 Quantitative Methods for Qualitative Research in Architecture and Planning 01-08-2022 1st Aug 2022 - 5th Aug 2022 View Details
    47 Application of Contemporary Technologies for Sustainable Habitat Design, Planning & Management 11-07-2022 11th to 15th July 2022 View Details
    48 FDP Architectural Education Through Outcome Based Learning 04-07-2022 4th July 2022 to 8th July 2022 View Details
    49 Online International Conference on "Multidisciplinary Aspects of Architecture and Planning: Enhancing the Connections" 24-06-2022 24th to 26th June, 2022 View Details
    50 National Online FDP on ARCHITECTURE AND CLIMATE CHANGE 06-06-2022 6th to 10th June 2022 View Details
    51 National Online Training Program: APPLICATIONS OF GIS & REMOTE SENSING IN ARCHITECTURAL PEDAGOGY. 04-06-2022 4th to 26th June, 2022 View Details
    52 TTP-COA-SSAA Factor 02-05-2022 2nd May 2022 to 6th May 2022 View Details
    53 SDG11-INDIAN HERITAGE 18-04-2022 18th April 2022 – 22nd April 2022 View Details
    54 Outcome Based Education: Research Methods,Techniques in Architecture and Planning 11-04-2022 11th April 2022 to 15th April 2022 View Details
    55 5 Days National Online Faculty Development Program on "Sustainable Development Goal IV: Agenda 2030" 21-03-2022 21st to 25th March, 2022. View Details
    56 Symposium on International Women Day 12-03-2022 12th March 2022 View Details
    57 Five Days National Online Faculty Development Program on "Quantitative Methods for Qualitative Research in Architecture & Planning. 07-03-2022 7th to 11th March, 2022 View Details
    58 Five Days National Online Faculty Development Program on "Sustainable Hillside Development". 14-02-2022 14th to 18th February, 2022 View Details
    59 The Enterprise of Built Environment Perspectives from the Industry ONLINE FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM 07-02-2022 07th to 11th Feb 2022 View Details
    60 Sustainable Development through Building Design-Past Design Future -Poster 17-01-2022 17th Jan to 21st Jan 2022 View Details
    61 FDP Outcome Based Education Poster 10-01-2022 10th to 14th January 2022 View Details
    62 Five Days National Online Faculty Development Program on SDG 11 Safe and Affordable Housing and Sustainable Transport System in India. 06-12-2021 06th to 10th December 2021 View Details
    63 Professional Development Program on Expanding Role of Architects with the Technological Transformations 29-11-2021 29th November to 3rd December 2021 View Details
    64 CHILD FRIENDLY CITY IN INDIA : INCEPTION TO EXECUTION 22-11-2021 22nd to 26th NOVEMBER 2021 View Details
    65 Five Days National Online Faculty Development Program on "Resilience in Architecture and Planning" , from 2nd to 6th September 2021. 02-09-2021 2nd September 2021- 6th September 2021 (From 2:30PM-5:30PM) View Details
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    66 Five Days National Online Faculty Development Program on Research Approaches and Methodologies in Disaster Management 23-08-2021 23rd to 27th August 2021 View Details
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    67 Training Programme:- 5 Days Online National Training Program from 26th to 30th July 2021, in association with the BMS School of Architecture, Yelahanka (Bengaluru). 26-07-2021 26th to 30th July 2021 View Details
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    68 Online Training Programme:- Two Days Online Workshop Pedagogy of Construction in Architectural Education, to be held on 23rd and 24th July 2021. 23-07-2021 23rd and 24th July 2021 View Details
    69 QUARDANTS' 2021, Chapter - 4, Vanguards of Indian Architecture, on 23.04.2021. 23-04-2021 23.04.2021 View Details
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    70 Online Teacher Training Program (TTP):- Five Day National Online Teachers Training Programme for Architectural Faculties, from 19th to 23rd April, 2021 19-04-2021 19th to 23rd April, 2021 View Details
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    71 National Seminar: -Training and Research Centre, Bhopal in association with the Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal is proposing a one day National Seminar on the theme "Role of Architects and Planners in 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat': Contributions and Opportunities", on March 30 (Revised, Instead of 26th) , 2021, from.2 PM to 5 PM. 30-03-2021 30.03.2021 View Details
    72 COATRC, Bhopal, in association with IES College of Architecture. Chittillappilly, Thrisur, Kerala, is organizing:
    One Day National Seminar on 'Architecture Education and Practice Post Pandemic’ on 27th March 2021 from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM.
    The seminar will be conducted online on google meet, and there would be no registration fees.
    27-03-2021 27.03.2021 View Details
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    73 COATRC-Bhopal, In association with BMS College of Architecture, Bangalore, Conducts Webinar Series on 70 years of Indian Architecture:
    QUARDANTS' 2021, Chapter - 3, Vanguards of Indian Architecture.
    19-03-2021 19.03.2021 View Details
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    74 Five Days National Online Teacher Training Program (TTP) from 15th to 19th, Feb, 2021, in association with the Department of Architecture and Planning, MANIT, Bhopal. 15-02-2021 15th to 19th, Feb, 2021, View Details
    75 One Day National Seminar on Dialogues on Sustainable Development Goals in the Hilly Areas,on February 05th , 2021. 05-02-2021 February 05th , 2021. View Details
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    76 COATRC-Bhopal, In association with BMS College of Architecture, Bangalore, Conducts Webinar Series on 70 years of Indian Architecture: QUARDANTS' 2021, Vanguards of Indian Architecture. 22-01-2021 View Details
    77 COATRC-Bhopal, In association with BMS College of Architecture, Bangalore, Conducts Webinar Series on 70 years of Indian Architecture:
    QUARDANTS' 2021, Chapter - 2, Vanguards of Indian Architecture.
    21-01-2021 22.01.2021 View Details
    78 Council of Architecture - Training and Research Center, Bhopal & Priyadarshini Institute of Architecture & Design Studies, Nagpur, Jointly organizing. National Level Online Training Program on Applicacations of GIS & Re Remote Sensing In Architectural Padagogy (Level 1) 10-12-2020 View Details
    79 Webinar Series on "Spatiotemporal Continuum of Traditional Knowledge in Architecture: A Narrative on India", to be held on 28th of Every Month. 27-11-2020 View Details
    80 Webinar1.0 on "NEP 2020 and Traditional Knowledge in Architecture and Planning ", Opportunities and Challenges", to be held on 28.10.2020, at MANIT , Bhopal. 28-10-2020 28.10.2020 View Details
    81 Webinar Series on "Smart Cities in Developed and Developing Countries 25-12-2019 View Details
    82 Two Days National Online Workshop on The Architectural Thesis : Requirements and Expectations 21-12-2019 21st to 22nd December, 2019 View Details
    83 Training Program:- ‘Provisions of Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC), from 09th to 13th December, 2019, at COATRC, Bhopal. 09-12-2019 09th to 13th December, 2019 View Details
    84 Webinar on Learning from the Vernacular 07-12-2019 View Details